Putting Elections Back in Your Hands

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Stop the Status Quo

Until there is a genuine political cost for defending that status quo, it will be impossible to elect champions or move policy at the federal level.

Re-Establish Trust

Elections are fundamentally about trust, and the current role of money-in-politics is corrosive to the public trust.

Inspire Action

It is possible to inspire frustrated Americans to vote on this issue and to move from resignation to resolve.

What We're For:

Citizen-funded Elections

Replace the dependence candidates have on large donations and independent expenditures with support they find in their own communities.

Robust Coordination Rules

Establish meaningful rules that separate outside groups from candidates. ‘Independent’ should mean just that: independent.

Transparency and Disclosure

Part of evaluating whether you trust a message is knowing who paid for it.


We need an independent, non-partisan enforcement agency instead of a bi-partisan incumbent protection agency.


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