Who We Are

Ilyse Hogue, Co-Director and Founder. Ilyse is a leading political strategist and communicator, social change practitioner, and on-line engagement expert. Among other roles, Ilyse will provide strategic leadership, media and messaging expertise, and management for Friends of Democracy. She has worked for and with a multitude of progressive organizations, most recently serving as Senior Adviser to Media Matters for America and as Director of Political Advocacy and Communications for MoveOn.org.

David Donnelly, Co-Director and Founder. David has led successful accountability campaigns at the state and national level, including pioneering electoral campaigns on reform issues for fifteen years. Currently serving as Executive Director of Public Campaign Action Fund, he is helping Friends of Democracy, develop strategy and program, fundraise, and ground the organization’s work in his years of commitment to systemic reform. .

Jeff Robinson, Political Director and Campaign Manager. Jeff has more than 25 years experience in electoral, issue, and civic engagement campaigns at all levels. Jeff’s expertise in campaign management, polling, micro-targeting, media and electoral strategy has been the winning edge in many of the more than 100 political campaigns in 22 states he has served in a career spanning almost three decades.